Monday, March 22, 2010

Sketches and braaaiiinstorming.

Hello fellow zombies,
this is my first post for the bite me blog so I'm just uploading basic sketches and simple brainstorming work.

The pages of the zine that I'm working on include;

Is your friend a zombie? how to tell. (diagram)
this will be an illustrated diagram of a zombie with facts and information involving typical traits that will help the reader to discern whether or not their friend is one of the undead.

Celebrity zombie interview. (specific editorial)
a short fictitious interview accompanied by an illustration of a zombie celebrity. no concrete plans for this piece yet, but the celebrity will most likely be robert downey junior.
unless anyone can think of a better celebrity candidate for a zombie?

Advertisement for brains. (product illustration)
simple advertisement for zombie food... braaaiins!
(brain food, haha)

Illustration, all in zombie image. (umm... interpretive?)
this last one is just for fun, I'll be drawing each member of our team as zombies!


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